What are the advantages of using a Design-Build contractor?
Simply put, it’s a single source for all of your construction needs.

While traditional methods of having separate architects and construction professionals are still used, design-build is becoming the method of choice by those who understand or have experienced its benefits.

In contrast to traditional processes, the design-build method teams up the architectural and construction professionals to arrive at an efficient, value-driven solution for customers. Instead of working independently (and sometimes at odds with one another), these two groups work together from the beginning to identify the design and construction methods that best suit the customer’s needs—including respecting budgets.

The design-build project delivery method has the advantage of streamlining communication between the architects, engineers, contractors and subcontractors working on a project, and it can lead to cost savings as well.

As a true design-build company, STAR offers both architectural and construction services. Our own professional in-house architectural staff works in harmony with our production team for a seamless operation.

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Faster delivery time from start to finish.

Bidding time and redesign time is reduced, and procurement and construction can begin before all detailed working drawings are completed.

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Earlier involvement of construction professionals in the design process.

You benefit from value engineering, cost and design analyses, innovations, and recommendations resulting from STAR’s years of experience pricing and constructing a wide range of projects.

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Better accountability without multiple contractual relationships or finger pointing.

STAR is completely responsible for and accountable for your project.

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Earlier determination of project budgets.

A guaranteed maximum price can be determined soon after the scope of the project is established, and long before final documents would be ready to bid with the traditional method.

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Lower incidental costs and less uncertainty.

Costly change orders due to omissions or misinterpretations of construction documents are minimized.

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Less effort and time needed from customers.

STAR coordinates all meetings, responsibilities, and administration of the design and construction teams

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More focus on the performance and effectiveness of the facility.

Goals and priorities are communicated directly between you and STAR.

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Lower prices because there is still “bidding” on the vast majority of the work.

Pre-qualified subcontractors and suppliers submit their best prices. Those who provide YOUR required combination of quality, speed and price will be chosen to work on your project.